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Shrink Wrapping Machines
Shrink wrapping machines, built with chosen grade stainless steel, operate semi-automatically at 220 volts, weighing 250 kgs, typically in blue color. They efficiently seal and shrink-wrap products, serving various industries like food, cosmetics, and consumer goods. With advanced design and technology, they streamline packaging processes, ensuring product protection and presentation.
Vacuum Packaging Machine
The vacuum packaging machine, crafted from stainless steel, operates electrically at 220 volts, weighing 35 kilograms, with dimensions of 51" x 40" x 24" mm. Often silver in color, it efficiently removes air from packaging, extending shelf life, and preserving product freshness, crucial in food, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors.
Shrink Packaging Machines
Shrink packaging machines, typically made of mild steel, boast high efficiency and electric drive, operating at 220 volts. Weighing 500 kilograms and measuring 1500 x 600 x 1500 mm, they efficiently seal and shrink-wrap products, catering to various industries and optimizing packaging processes with their robust design and advanced technology.
Pouch Packaging Machines
Pouch packaging machines, featuring semi-automatic grades and electric drive, typically operate at 180 volts with 220 watts of power. They efficiently fill and seal pouches, catering to industries like food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. These machines streamline packaging operations, ensuring precise filling and sealing for various products.
Filling Machine
A filling machine, available in variants like granule, semi-automatic paste, and liquid filling machines, is essential in various industries. Crafted from stainless steel, often in silver, they operate at voltages ranging from 220V to 280V. With automatic grades and warranties, they efficiently fill containers with precision, ensuring product integrity.
A PTFE belt, used in industrial settings, comes in variants like PTFE conveyor belts, band sealer PTFE belts, and timing belts. Typically grey and made of PVC material, it offers customizable sizes. These belts serve in conveying and sealing operations across various industries, boasting durable belt structures for efficient performance.
Industrial Conveyor
An industrial conveyor, used in industrial settings, includes variants like batch coding and packing conveyors. Crafted from stainless steel or MS, available in colors like grey, silver, or materials such as rubber, plastic, and nylon, they offer warranties. These conveyors facilitate material handling across diverse industries, guaranteeing efficient operations and product movement.
Carton Taping Machines
Carton taping machines, often constructed from mild steel, come in semi-automatic variants. They operate at voltages of 180V or 220V, with dimensions like 600mm x 500mm. Typically offering a one-year warranty, these machines efficiently seal cartons, aiding packaging operations across various industries with reliability and ease of use.
Inkjet Printer
An inkjet printer, commonly found in new condition, is composed of plastic and metal. It operates on a gross power of 90-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 5 W, serving industrial purposes. Variants like handheld models or automatic batch coding machines efficiently print text, codes, and images onto various surfaces, aiding product identification and traceability across industries.
Shrink Tunnel Machine
A shrink tunnel machine, often made of mild steel, operates semi-automatically at 180V or 220V. With dimensions like 1500mm x 600mm x 1500mm, it efficiently seals and shrinks packaging materials. Typically in blue color, it caters to industries utilizing bottle shrink wrapping, packaging, or label applications, offering reliability with a warranty.
Sticker Labelling Machine
A sticker labeling machine, comes in semi-automatic variants like flat or manual models, operates with an electric power source and a drive kind of electric, typically at 220 volts. Utilizing a stainless steel body, it efficiently applies stickers, mostly utilized in industries for labeling applications, guaranteeing accurate and precise labeling.
Shrink Tunnel
A shrink tunnel is a semi-automatic machine generally made of mild steel, operating at 180V or 220V. With dimensions like 1500mm x 600mm x 1500mm, it efficiently seals and shrinks packaging materials. Typically blue, it caters to industries utilizing bottle shrink wrapping and labeling, providing reliability with a warranty.